Learn Linux System Administration training from best company

Define Linux


The Linux is an open source operating system which is freely distributable, cross-platform operating system based on UNIX that can be installed on PCs, laptops, net books, mobile and tablet devices, video game consoles, servers and supercomputers etc. The Linux OS is frequently packaged as a Linux distribution for both desktop and server use and includes the Linux Kernel (the core of operating system) as well as supporting tools and libraries.

Linux System Administration

Linux System Administration is one of the server administration learning projects. Linux server administration studies the use of the Linux operating system as an all purpose server.


Linux system Administration course helps you discover the tools used by system administrators in enterprise environments, install new systems with a variety of distributions and configure systems with new hardware and software combinations.

Because of having amazing features and popularity, individual wants to get its skills to make their career and due to this reason they are seeking for perfect training company which will fulfill their needs and now here we came, KVCH.

KVCH: Best Linux System Administration training company

linux training

 KVCH is the Best Linux system administration training company which was developed in 1991 with the purpose of imparting high-quality job-oriented Linux system administration training. This training program is specifically introduced so that students can get familiar with the current industrial culture and industry requirements. KVCH offers Linux system administration training program to undergraduate or graduates from both technical and non-technical sector which includes minor plus major projects. During this training session, aspirants will come to know the requirement of technical implementation for the professional career. Our training will imbibe the skills to explore the Linux environment like an experienced Linux administrator. Gaining knowledge of the Linux fundamentals and its implementation will surely boost your chances of getting employed in good companies. We provide candidates a state of art infrastructure so that candidates can practice and further enhance their skills. KVCH is advanced and excellent Linux system administration training company that will provide candidates better performance and hands-on experience.

The trainers of KVCH are corporate professionals having huge experience and also are well-qualified. They are subject specialists providing in-depth knowledge based on Linux course to the candidates. Our company’s expert trainers provide a wide range of skills and experience in their graded areas. The expert trainers are all Linux Certified professionals. At KVCH, candidates will gain the knowledge and skills of operating system and applications including both hardware and software troubleshooting. The training modules are developed by our expert faculties based on the candidate’s abilities. We provide KVCH certified syllabus to the candidates related to modern content technologies. The trainers approach candidates individually to make them boost their skills. In this training program, candidates will learn about the installation, initial configuration, use of the bash command shell, managing files and software, granting rights to users.

learn linux

In our training program, we also offer live project based Linux system administration training which will lead our candidates to the full exposure of Linux with proper practical sessions. This mode of training built with lots of hands-on practice and industry experience of the trainer probably world guide you on the architectural structures as well as working principles of the Linux environment. With a high-tech infrastructure of KVCH candidates will also learn the skills for Linux that comprises of Linux Fundamentals, Linux principals, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, File Hierarchy, BASH SHELL, Standard I/O and pipes, VI and VIM, NETWORK SERVICES and Linux on real-time projects. The training program of KVCH combines with several innovative learning methods and delivery models. After doing course training, candidates will be placed for the job requirements and get the opportunities to work in their desired companies or MNC’s.

Certified Ethical Hacking Course training in Noida

About Ethical Hacking


Ethical Hacking is a hacking done to help a company or individual identify potential threats on the computer or network. It is the method of locating weakness or potential threats in the system and improves the system security to minimize the act of hacking by potential hackers. It is also explained as the controversial act of locating weakness and vulnerability of computer and information systems by duplicating the intent and actions of malicious hackers. Ethical hacking is done when the person is able to get into the network of other organizations and the result of this hacking is used for the betterment of humanity.



In this digital era, everything and everybody are dependent on technology and many companies fear for the safety and security of the important and highly sensitive data from hackers. To protect companies from being hacked, ethical hackers play a vital role. Companies are searching for well- trained ethical hacking specialists who can make their company free from hackers. Due to the development of technologies, the requirement of ethical hackers increased in a high range. There are huge job opportunities in the ethical hacking stream. Individual get attracted to these opportunities and they are seeking for the perfect training company which will lead them to be an Ethical Hacking Expert. There are lots of aspirants who want to take ethical hacking training in Noida so don’t waste your time because time is money, make use of time wisely, choose the best training company. KVCH, the best Ethical Hacking Training Company in Noida, which render a high-quality certified Ethical Hacking training course in a concentrate, comprehensive and qualitative manner.

ethical hacking learn

KVCH: Get your career starts as Ethical Hacker

KVCH is the Best Ethical Hacking training company which was established in 1991 which the purpose of delivering high-class ethical training job-oriented course. Ethical Hacking offered by KVCH concentrating on most recent security dangers, propelled assaults and handy constant showing of the most recent hacking procedures, techniques, devices, traps and effort to establish safety needed to meet the gauges of profoundly gifted security experts, thus Ethical hacking training program at KVCH is appraised as the high-quality and top job-oriented course in all over India. We enhance our candidates with the in-depth knowledge of hacking techniques and information security. KVCH provides training based on Ethical training design to help the candidate’s transition from academic learning to professional learning. Our goal is to well verse aspirants with latest ethical techniques having practical knowledge of latest and updated software. We will teach candidates how to use same skills to protect the intellectual property of organizations and to become the White Hat Hackers.

ethical certified imges

We also offer Live Project Based Ethical Hacking Training for the candidates to experience the industry’s work pressure. In this live project based training program, candidates will learn to handle the industries issues and also to make their own decision. Candidates will learn damage control and how to secure a system quickly from hackers before the issue escalates. Intrusion detection, DDoSAttacks, Social Engineering, Virus Creation and Control, Setting a Honey pot, Malware, Phishing, Policy Creation and Buffer Overflows are some of the topics handled at KVCH. In this course, candidates will also perform all the steps from scanning the network to testing it critically and finally hacking it live before suggesting the remedial actions. The practical approach gives the candidates an in-depth knowledge of the hacking tools and techniques. The simulated lab environment will demonstrate how actual hackers percolate through the multi-level defenses of the organization. KVCH also help candidates to get placement in the top MNCs by preparation at different strategies.

Get Certified by KVCH in Big Data Tools and Trends

Big Data: Introduction

We all know, we are in the era of development and we are surrounded by smart machines. Smart machines like smartphones, laptop, smart watches, iPads etc are all continuously generating the huge amount of data every second. This continuously growing of data is now in big volume. For last two years, the volume of data is increasing in a high range. All organizations are coping with a lot of data coming from their customers, audiences and distribution channels.

To refine data, they hire Big Data experts. Big Data analysts is a booming career these days and there are several students who are seeking for the best training company to get certified in Big Data tools and trends. But don’t worry when KVCH is here to help you gain Big Data’s expertise.

KVCH: Get certified in Big Data Tools and Trends

certified big data hadoop

KVCH is offering the best Big Data Hadoop Certification Course to the make candidates a certified Big Data expert by delivering practice on Hadoop ecosystem. The purpose of providing Big Data Hadoop Certification Course to the candidate is to deliver them the in-depth knowledge of Big Data system using Hadoop and Spark HDFS, YARN and Map Reduce. In our course, candidates learn the various interactive algorithms in spark. This course helps candidates to know the facts of storing, handling and retrieving the enormous amount of data in a variety of applications. Candidates also learn to use Pig, Hive and Impala to process and analyze large datasets stored in HDFS. Our specialist trainers conduct the class and explore new ideas and experience in detail. They will share the full concepts of Big Data among candidates which will enhance their skills and knowledge based on Big Data. This training will support candidates to enhance their skills and get opportunities from MNC’s for their Big Data professional journey. After the completion of training, candidates will get certified in Big Data tools and trends.

Big Data Analytics features

big data haddop DA

Big Data Analytics will handle variety of data sets which are being generated on a high speed. Big Data Analytics examines large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights.


Summer Training in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Summer Training: Introduction

digital marketing b2

Before going through the Digital Marketing summer training, first of all, we have to understand what is summer training and about its duration.

Basically, if we think about the summer training, we understand that it will be started during summer vacation. Summer training is a mode of a training program which provides the great opportunity for both technical and non-technical students to use their summer vacation in the right way. Aspirants can develop hands-on learning experience by building several projects as part of these programs. Summer training is developed to offer candidates a very good practical learning experience and develop skills that will useful for their career.


Digital Marketing came into existence since the 1990s and it starts gaining its popularity in early 2000s. Digital Marketing is a term which is used in any form of creating awareness or promoting products or services that involves using an electronic device. In a simple word, it is a use of the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, display advertising and other channels to reach consumers.

digital marketing b6

KVCH: Best Company for Summer Training in Digital Marketing

KVCH is the best company which offers high-quality job-oriented summer training in digital marketing. We are the leading summer training provider since 1991. Our training mode is based on the latest market trends and industries needs that help candidates to get placements in their dream job at MNCs. We train our aspirants in such a way so that they are able to fill up the void between college education and industry requirements. Our 4/6 weeks digital marketing summer training is the specialized program which is designed for college students and aspiring digital marketers to gain practical industry experience by working on client’s projects and helping them achieve potential audience through their digital field of knowledge. We deliver in-depth knowledge of Digital marketing along with the practical training so that the candidate will lead to the bright future.

digital marketing b1

Live Project based Digital Marketing Summer Training: KVCH

We also offer live project based Digital Marketing summer training by which aspirants will get the full exposure of Digital Marketing by doing practically. With live project based summer training in KVCH helps aspirants to enhance the overall job-placement rate as candidates confront interviews with more confidently, display problem-solving aptitudes build up an expansive outlook and pick up industry exposure. At KVCH, candidates learn the skills for Introduction to Digital Marketing, Website Creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Google Analytics, Online Display Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, E-Commerce Marketing, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, Internet Marketing Strategy, Affiliate Marketing, Ad-Sense Blogging, Online Reputation Management (ORM), Digital Marketing on real-time projects along with Digital Marketing placement training. They do their practical sessions in our high-tech labs which are fully equipped with latest technologies. The extensive hands-on experience in Digital Marketing training program ensures that candidates absorb the knowledge and skills which will support them to apply at work after the placement in an MNC’s.


Why do Digital Marketing summer training from us?

  • We have more than 27 years of experience in delivering Digital Marketing summer training to the technical and non-technical aspirants.
  • We are authorized business partner of IBM and ORACLE.
  • Experts at KVCH are certified and have 10+ years experience of sharing their industrial skills.
  • In our high-quality infrastructure, there are high-tech labs which are fully equipped with latest tools and updated technologies.
  • We also have a dedicated placement team which provides the opportunities to grab your dream jobs in MNCs.

Best PHP Programming Online Training Institute


PHP short form of Hypertext Processor is a server-side scripting language which is used to develop web applications or Dynamic websites. It is powerful and widely-used open source server-side scripting language to write dynamically generated web pages.

These amazing qualities make PHP popular in IT market and due to the popularity of IT market individual get attracted to learn more about PHP and also to make their career in it. For that, candidates search for an institute which satisfies their needs and the ends in searching a perfect institute ends here at KVCH.


Being in the field of providing PHP online training from 1991, KVCH becomes the Best PHP Programming online training institute which delivers job-oriented PHP online training to the intrigued aspirants. We treat candidates in such a way by which they can feel the real pressure like in the industry’s where they will work in the future. KVCH develop candidate’s knowledge and boost up the skills in the peak.

php-training1-onlineWe provide the most comprehensive PHP online training which will give candidates complete understanding of PHP from the basics to advanced level. Candidates at KVCH trained to be confident to handle every situation during industrial work and also to make their decision by own.

php onlinetraining

Trainers of KVCH are well-qualified and PHP certified who develop training modules and syllabus for the candidates to make them easy to learn the full concepts of PHP.

senior-php-developerThey will implement the concepts of concepts of Basic PHP Development, Control Structures, Functions, working with The filing system, working with Forms, working with regular expressions, MySQL database, cookies, session, disk access, I/O, math and Mail, WordPress, Joomla, Ajax, Mock Interviews, Advanced PHP, AJAX, MySQL etc. At the end of the training program, our dedicated placement cell provides several opportunities to get their career goal.

Big Data Hadoop Online Training by Industry Leaders


Big Data Hadoop: Overview

Today’s world information is getting doubled after every two years and still 80% of data is in an unstructured format which is very difficult to store processor retrieve. That’s why Big Data industry has gained significant growth in recent years because all these unstructured data is Big Data. In the recent survey, it has estimated that the Big Data Hadoop market is more than a $50 billion industry.


Big Data Hadoop: Introduction

Big Data is a collection of the huge or massive amount of data that are difficult to process using traditional processing systems. It offers tangible business benefit to organizations and also enables enhanced insight, decision making, and process automation. Basically, Hadoop is a Big Data mechanism which helps to store and process & analysis unstructured data by using any commodity hardware. Hadoop system is utilized by many business leaders like Amazon, IBM, New York Times, Google, Facebook, Yahoo and the list is increasing in every day.


Objectives of Big Data Hadoop

  • It is an information collection that can’t capture, handled and prepared inside a bearable elapsed and indicated time period by usually utilized programming devices.
  • Hadoop is free Java-based programming framework which bolsters the processing of huge informational collections in a dispersed processing condition.
  • It relies on volume, velocity, and variety with respect to processing.
  • This technology understands and navigates big data source, analyze unstructured data and ingests data at a high speed.

Due to the large investments, companies make Big Data and the need for Hadoop Developers and Data scientist who can analyze the data increases day by day.


KVCH: Best institute for Big Data Hadoop Online training

KVCH is the best Big Data Hadoop Online training institute which delivers basic to advanced level concepts to the aspirants with real time projects. With our Big Data Hadoop training course, you will learn the concepts in expert level with practical manner. The training at KVCH is designed with the help of professional counselors to impart courses in the best possible ways. In this training program, candidates will gain practical exposure on Hadoop concepts, including its core and latest components, like Hive, Impala HBase, HDFS, MapReduce, Pig, Sqoop, Spark, and Flume.

hadoop-wordcloudAt KVCH, all modules of Hadoop Online Training are designed with an assumption that hardware failures are common and should be automatically handled by the framework. Big Data Hadoop Online training delivered by KVCH draws out the key thoughts and capability for handling Big Data with Apache’s open source platform-Hadoop. Grabbing the in-depth skills of core ideas through the course and executing it on boundless industry utilize cases. All the concepts of Big Data Hadoop would be clarified with real-time situations that can be connected in various business areas, for example, Finance, Social Media, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom, Manufacturing, IoT and so on.

Who should go for this Big Data Hadoop Training Course?

In present days, Big Data Hadoop skills are must in software field to be up to date with the technology.


Here are the few who actually need to learn and take this training program: –

  • Mainframe professionals.
  • Developers and Architects.
  • IT Professionals.
  • Business Intelligence professionals.
  • DW Professionals.
  • Testing Professionals.
  • ETL Professionals.
  • Last but not least “Freshers”. Candidates or Freshers who are interested in Big Data Hadoop can take this training program.
KVCH Big Data
Why choose KVCH for Big Data Hadoop training?
  • We have 27 years of experience in training sector.
  • We are authorized business partner of IBM and Oracle.
  • We offer job-oriented online training.
  • Get updated course content and training syllabus.
  • Real-time scenarios and methodologies.
  • Interview tips.
  • Get certified as a Hadoop expert and add value to your career.

Learn JAVA online by international experts


Take a glance at JAVA: JAVA Online Training

JAVA is the most widely used object-oriented programming language which enables programmers to write codes using powerful instruction sets by Oracle Inc. It is the most popular programming language for Android Smartphone applications and is among the most favored for edge device and internet of things development. JAVA program and applications are compiled to bytecode that runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVC) irrespective of the computer’s architecture.

JAVA Online training will bring high-quality job-opportunities to the candidate who wants to get placed in reputed MNCs.




JAVA is one of the high-level programming languages which are used in the web application, enterprise application, and standalone applications. It uses a similar syntax and command forms as C++ but java is more secured in comparison to C++.

KVCH: Best Online Java Training Company

Expand knowledge of JAVA for job and career progression by getting enrolled with KVCH, the best online JAVA training company. We believe in preparing future professionals by providing the high-quality job-oriented online training based on JAVA course. At KVCH, candidates will learn Java online by international experts. We are the most promising JAVA online training Company which deliver proper training and placement opportunities to the candidates. We are committed to ensuring that the training helps the students to achieve their academic and career goals. We help candidates to pick up their specialized approach and find their own particular capacity. In our online training session, our industrial experts give down to earth learning, share their industry experiences and set up the youthful possibility to confront the difficulties of industries and acclimatize in the corporate workplace. This JAVA Online Training program will give candidates all the knowledge needed to work on JAVA Platform and JAVA programming. This course will give candidates a clear idea and understanding to develop a JAVA enabled application. At KVCH, training modules are designed by our experts for the candidates who want to learn the basics of JAVA and its programming concepts in simple with easy step. To deliver online training with proper and full understanding is not an easy deal for every trainer. Our management selects the best, certified and qualified expert trainers who have great experience in delivering JAVA online training.


What are the course objectives?

At KVCH, candidates will learn the concepts of JAVA, Arrays, control flow, object-oriented programming, Implementations, OOPS concepts, advanced features, program and the use of the various package, object class working with Applets, Basic of AWT, Basics concepts of networking and database connectivity with JDBC swing, Wrapper classes, packages, I/O Package.

Who should do JAVA online training from KVCH?

We are offering our JAVA online training program to the candidates who are from the background of MCA, BCA, BBA, and BSC (CS). Candidates from Mechanical, EC, and civil branch of B.Tech also can connect with KVCH to get benefits from online training. Basically, all technical and non-technical graduates are invited to get JAVA online training from KVCH.

java online training - KVCH Academy

Highlights of our training program
  • We impart in-depth training content with Real-Time Scenarios for each topic.
  • We also offer you with your recorded session for further reference.
  • Customized training sessions by our highly qualified trainers and real-time experts.
  • We deliver Normal track, Fast track and weekend batches also for JAVA online training.
Beneficial points of joining us for JAVA online training
  • Due to having more huge experience in the field of Online training provider, KVCH is the best choice for the aspirants to get high-quality and job-oriented training.
  • We have the well-versed and experienced trainers.
  • We also provide training modules and syllabuses.
  • All candidates from technical or non-technical backgrounds can easily grab the full understanding of JAVA.

Visit here For more information.

6 Weeks Android Summer Training in Delhi


The Android Development Scope:

Other than iOS, the Android OS is the largest selling OS system in the World. The Android is an open source network that relies on the Linux features of Android. As India is the second largest country in use of a smartphone, Indian people are techy. Around one billion is being used in India (70% of India’s current population). Around 6 million subscribers join the group every month.


Period Android iOS Windows Phone Others
2016 81.4% 18.2% 0.2% 0.2%
2017 85.0% 14.7% 0.1% 0.1%

  As in the chart, the Android has almost acquired the market in today’s world.

Offers to the Android developers:

The Android developers have bright future in the Android market. The most market acquired market Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm and more other had their dynamic Android OS apps for the billions of transactions.


The future of the Android development can be understood from the above survey. The telecommunications companies, like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea cellular are totally dependent on third party’s apps like, Paytm or freecharge for the recharge. This is the golden opportunity for the Android Developers. As companies are now looking for new faces with excellent skills and knowledge, the fresher have golden opportunity to capture the Android Market.


If you really want to make your career with this new technology in IT Industry, KVCH (KV Computer Home Pvt. Lmt.) is always there for you to grow your career with Android.

KVCH in Noida program builds a powerful training tool that can be implemented in classrooms as well as in the industry.

KVCH have multiple placement Drives Conducted every period of time. Our Placement Cells keeps on updating the Student for new Technologies and Companies

At KVCH, we Focus on:

  • Best Quality Education from expert Trainers
  • Latest Working Technology
  • Enhance New Skills
  • Daily based Task to be completed in deadline
  • Make students apply skills on live projects.
  • Overall Development Programs
  • Certification for Longtime Career
  • 100% Placement Assurance in Top MNCs.
  • Career Planning with Lifetime Validity.

We are here:


G-18, 2nd Floor, Preet Vihar, Delhi-110092

Email: delhi.trg1@kvch.in

Contact: +91-9510 860 860

Learn Portuguese Language Online | The Complete Portuguese Language


Portuguese is one of the major languages of the world, spoken by about 200 million people on 4 continents. It belongs to a group of languages called “Romance” or “Neo-Latin” that evolved from Latin, the language of Latium in Ancient Italy, or more specifically, the city of Rome.

Portuguese is a West Romance language and the official language of Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola, and São Tomé and Príncipe.

Portuguese has become 6th world language over 200 million native speakers, and in South America, it is over 186 million, over 51% of the population. It is also a major language in Africa. It had spread worldwide in the 15th and 16th century as Portugal set up a large colonial and commercial empire during 1415–1999 period, spanning from Brazil in the Americas to Macau in China.

Portuguese alphabet (alfabeto português)

A a B b C c D d E e F f G g H h I i
á é efe agá i
J j K k L l M m N n O o P p Q q R r
jota cá/capa ele eme ene ó quê erre
S s T t U u V v W w X x Y y Z z
esse u dábliu,



xis ípsilon,


i grego

The letters K, W and Y are used only in foreign loanwords.

KVCH Academy is providing best online training for the Portuguese Language right to your home. Join KVCH Academy and start now itself.

Enroll now on the given link to get your seat for a free demo and avail Discount offers.


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Learn Japanese Language Online

KVCH Japanese language Training 2


The Japanese Language is an Asian language spoken by around 126 million people, basically in Japan, where it is the national language.


Some people are are looking for well-paid job posts in Japanese companies. So the main reason for learning Japanese is that its people generally don’t speak English. This language difference blocks from entering the English speaking world. The Japanese are good novel writers, inventors, game makers and songwriters. But only a few of their works are translated into English, except for the most famous ones like Dragon Ball and Final Fantasy. We are missing out on this large resource of entertainment and useful information just because we don’t know their language. It’s really a waste of our short lives.

KVCH Japanese language Training 1

After learning the Japanese language, a new world will be opened for you. And you’ll have a lot of information which is beyond of some non-Japanese speakers. And if you have a good product, you can sell it to the biggest market in the world. There are many possibilities to sell the product, but the most important point is that you need to speak their language.


Now with the help of Japanese language, dig into one of the most valuable resources of information in the world.

KVCH Training

Well one of the most Largest Language Training Institute, KVCH Academy will make you rule over the Japanese market to make your stand in the world. KVCH Academy had just made it easy now to learn the Japanese language.


KVCH Academy is Providing best online training for the Japanese Language right to your home. Join KVCH Academy and start now itself.

Enroll now to get your seat for a free demo and avail Discount offers.




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